Change Management

Two of the toughest jobs any executive confronts are facing the reality that change must take place to obtain better results and then executing those changes.

Realizing that change must occur, whether in law firms, legal departments or financial institutions, once the process begins the entire organization will likely react in ways no one anticipated. New stressors arise, emotions are triggered, egos engaged and even the best of intentions can lead to conflicts on how to proceed.

More than strong management and leadership is required for a successful initiative. Change management is a process with a rigor that must be used with precision. It involves quantifications, goal analysis and agreement; managerial style development, open, productive communication and the flexibility to change what is not working as the process moves forward.

There are specific steps to follow in properly executing change from in-depth discussions of why the change must take place to how people will make the desired changes and be certain that the employees are brought on-board in a patient, logical and productive manner.

New Vistas Consulting has been working with companies and law firms of all sizes and geographies to guide them though what can be tumultuous times with deep knowledge of managerial process and emotional understanding of the players involved. Properly handled, a change event can yield great results and forge a solid team to overcome unexpected challenges. Left unguided, or in the hands of non-professionals, the chaos can yield long-term damage to people and the organization.

Our approach is non-prescriptive. It's tailored to your exact situation and for the goals you wish to achieve. Intense, focused time is spent working with the staff, helping managers “sell” the plan, constructing realistic goals creating a well functioning organization structure and melding it together into a well-organized unit. Investing in professionals to help you guide though change will yield results that save staff resources, improve results, reduce missteps and perhaps most importantly, months of time.