Retreat Facilitation

Corporate Strategic Retreats

New Vistas Consulting offers high-result strategic retreats for corporations, with a special expertise working with the C-Suite. Analyzing their goals, available resources, offerings, and the competitive landscape, we help executives and their teams reach their short and long-term planning objectives.

Leadership Retreats

The goal of these retreats is to heighten leadership effectiveness throughout the organization. We use a tested methodology for exploring and developing key leadership skills, utilizing the strengths already inherent in the group.   

On-boarding Retreats

New Vistas Consulting also offers two on-boarding services: The first helps newly hired senior executives integrate into their new roles. The second assists executives who have been recently elevated to leadership positions to set new supervisory relationships with those who were previously peers or superiors. On-boarding retreats are critical if any of the candidates for these executive positions were internal and remain members of the department. Additionally, they allow the outgoing executive to leave a meaningful legacy.

Bank Merger Retreats

Merging banks is a daunting task. One of the most important aspects of the merger or acquisition process is assuring that all managers have the same overall goals and that everyone is moving in the correct direction. Identification and analysis of the potential roadblocks including internal politics, ego, career impacts and new spans of control are addressed in the retreat.

Other Retreats

We also conduct firm-wide or department retreats on:

     • Client satisfaction
     • Organizational design and development
     • Change management
     • Problem analysis

In addition to the clients listed above, we also work with law schools, trade associations and nonprofit boards.