Training is not education; training is designed to change behavior patterns. The cost of unsuccessful training is dollars, time, morale and lost revenue.  We have developed specific courses that, taken separately or together, provide the core skills needed for successful leaders.

There are three primary reasons why training courses do not achieve long-term desired results. First, they are often designed by people who have not executed the tasks they are teaching. Second, the courses are typically off-the-shelf and so generic that they are not directly applicable to the organization. Finally, expertise in a subject does not automatically translate into the effective teaching.  

We have done the tasks we teach and our courses reflect the organization's needs. We are experts at training - we achieve the goals that are set out and the results are immediate.


Strong leadership is key to successful teams and organizations. At New Vistas Consulting we utilize a proven methodology for developing leadership skills and traits across management. All marketing, business development, sales and networking fail in the absence of good leadership.

Consultative Selling

Our courses are designed to hone diagnostic skills to keep sales techniques focused on the prospect and their needs, not service providers' capabilities. Most of our clients have competitors with similar capabilities. The key differentiator is not how good professionals' skills are, it's how good professionals are at solving their prospect's problems. We teach individuals and teams how to sell more deeply into a prospect's business and become a real partner in problem resolution.

Business Development

Successful business development must integrate selling technique, marketing and networking. Unfortunately, most business development fails. It is a slow, almost painful repetition of the same tasks. Attending the same trade meetings, hosting the same events, taking the same people to dinner and paying for sports tickets. While there can be gains from these methods, they rarely result in enough new clients to cover the expense. We help professionals to develop an integrated development plan that includes marketing, networking, referral selling and a range of other high-result, often lower cost activities.


New Vistas Consulting helps individuals and firms identify and articulate their marketing platform, brand and their primary prospect messages. We work with our clients to execute an integrated marketing plan that is consistent with business development and networking initiatives. New Vistas Consulting places great attention on helping its clients to solidify and expand their client relationships.


Networking is a cornerstone of the marketing and business development processes. It is mandatory that this key skill be learned at all public-facing levels of an organization. Susan, one of New Vistas Consulting’s principals, is the nation’s leading expert on the subject and the author of A Lawyer's Guide to Networking. This book and its related methodology have been used in scores of training programs for lawyers and financial professionals worldwide.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence ("EQ") has been described by business thought leaders as the distinguishing competency for developing relationships and leadership. All experts agree that key EQ attributes include self-awareness, self-control, social skills and compassionate perceptiveness.  Unlike IQ or personality, Emotional Intelligence can be developed through insight and exercise. Our training program teaches the underlying principles and how to apply them to substantially improve both personal and team performance.