New Vistas Consulting provides targeted management consulting, executive coaching, retreat facilitation, and training. The firm was founded by principal Susan Sneider, an internationally recognized consultant and expert in the legal and financial services industries. Susan provides the highest-level counseling, coaching, training and advice to her clients and is distinguished by her deep knowledge and understanding of their needs. Susan's background as a general counsel, private practice attorney, law firm executive and educator informs her consulting.

Joining Susan is Larry A. Marks, a principal in the firm and expert in working with legal and financial professionals on consultative sales, change management issues, skills development and marketing. Larry has worked with firms around the world and is a founding member of several professional groups focused on helping clients diagnose managerial issues and resolve them quickly, while setting up methods to prevent recurrence.

Deep industry knowledge and wide-ranging experience allows New Vistas Consulting to deliver powerful tools for its clients.